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Gerace G. B. Microprogrammed control for computing systems. In: IEEE Transactions of Electronic Computers, vol. 12 pp. 733 - 747. IEEE, 1963.
The feasibility of a large-scale microprogrammed computer and some variations and extensions of Wilkes' scheme are examined. A general scheme is discussed to improve flexibility and reduce the number of micro-orders through massive use of the conditions for the next mcro-order. A variable-cycle timing system speed of a synchronized computer to approach that permits the speed of a synchronized computer to approach that of an asynchronous one is presented. Problems and solutions of imput-output operations inc1uding time sharing and multiprogramming, and some technical problems, are discussed in detail. A particular scheme of the arithmetic unit inc1uded in a micro-programmed control unit is presented.
Subject Microprogrammed control
B.1 Control structures and microprogramming

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