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Cardillo A., Cosentino O., Falvella M. C., Ibba R., Leonardi A., Morelli E. A computering directional drive for stratospheric balloon using wind variation versus altitude. In: 15th EAS Symposium on Rocket and Balloon Programmes and related Research (Biarritz, France, 28-31 May 2001). Proceedings, pp. 629 - 633. ASI, 2001.
Taking into account the wind variation, mostly stable during summer time at latitudes around 38 degrees North, with direction E-W in the upper stratosphere (2840 Km), and W-E direction in the low stratosphere (16 21 Km), it is proposed a drive management system that allows to launch a balloon and to retrieve it around the same site after a stratospheric flight of about 6 hours. It is presented the strategy to manage the balloon flight at different altitudes versus the dynamic vertical state with the purpose to provide balloon guidance on a pre-established retrieving spot. This method may be used for transmediterranean flights extended up to the Atlantic Ocean with re-entry in the Spanish territory with an increased flight duration time of about 10 hours.
Subject Stratospheric balloon
Balloons flight control
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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