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Conti M., Gregori E., Panzieri F. QoS-based Architectures for Geographically Replicated Web Servers. In: Cluster Computing Journal, vol. 4 pp. 109 - 120. Kluwer, 2001.
In this paper, we discuss strategies for providing World Wide Web service users with adequate Quality of Service (QoS). We argue that QoS can be provided by distributing the service requests processing load among replicated Web servers (WSs), that can be geographically distributed across the Internet. In order to support our argument, we compare and contrast several load distribution strategies, and assess their effectivness when deployed within the context of a geographically replicated Web service; the principal figure of merit we use in this assessment is the response time experienced by the users of that service. As a result of this comparison, we propose a specific strategy, named QoS-based, that implements load distribution among WS replicas by binding a user to the replica that provides the shortest user response time. We examine several architectures that exploit our QoS-based strategy. Two of these architectures, named, respectively, Browser-based and Load Distribution-based, are described in detail as they are particularly appropriate for implementing our strategy.
Subject World Wide Web
load distribution
QoS, replicated Web servers
C.2 Computer communication networks

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