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Paganelli L., Paterṇ F. Tool for Reverse Engineering: From HTML to CTT Task Models.
WebRevenge is an environment designed and developed at the HCI Group of ISTI-C.N.R. in order to automatically reconstruct the task model of a Web application. In particular, we consider task models represented in ConcurTaskTrees notation. The tool receives as input the Web pages of the site. Using the classes provided by Tidy it first check that the HTML code is well-formed and if not it corrects it and then create the corresponding DOM which describes the structure of the page (all the elements contained in it). Then, it creates the task model associated with each page. The final part of the underlying algorithm is dedicated to describe higher-level tasks that involve multiple pages. The resulting task model can be saved either in XML format or in a format that can still subject to modifications or adjustments by the designer using the freely available tool CTTE for this purpose that can help also to analyse the model with features such as dynamic interactive simulations.
URL: http://giove.isti.cnr.it/tools/WebRevEnge/home
Subject Web applications
Task model
H.5 Information Interfaces and Presentation (e.g., HCI)

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