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Fortunati L., Abella A., Serena F. Dinamica della flotta peschereccia a strascico di Viareggio descritta mediante l'uso di un sistema geografico (GIS). In: SIBM - Biologia Marina Mediterranea (Vibo Valentia, 2000). Atti, vol. 7 (1-II) pp. 565 - 570. 2000.
The spatial components of the Viareggio fisheries have been studied by means of a Geographic Information System. Data proceeds from a Catch Assessment Program started in 1990 and performed by direct interviews during the landings. The analysis of data allowed to describe the structural characteristics of the fleet, the distribution of fishing effort by fishing strategy and their seasonal changes. It also allowed to map the catch rates by gear for a group or for single species.
Subject GIS
Demersal fish
Commercial catch assessment
Fishing effort
H.2.8 Database Applications

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