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Paterṇ F. ConcurTaskTrees and UML: how to marry them?. In: International Workshop on Towards A UML Profile For Interactive Systems Development (York, 2000). Proceedings, 2000.
Nowadays, UML is the most successful model-based approach to support software development. However, during the evolution of UML little attention has been paid to supporting the user interfaces design and development. In the meantime, the user interface has become a crucial part in most software projects, and the use of models to capture requirements and express solutions for its design a true necessity. Within the community of researchers investigating model-based approaches for interactive applications particular attention has been paid to task models. ConcurTaskTrees is one of the most widely used notations for task modelling. In this position paper there is a discussion of how the two approaches can be integrated and why this is a desirable goal.
Subject UML
D.2.4 Software/Program Verification

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