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Baraglia R., Laforenza D., Keller A., Reinefeld A. RsdEditor: A Graphical User Interface for Specifying Metacomputer Components. In: 9th Heterogeneous Computing Workshop 15th International Parallel Processing Symposium (Cancun, Messico, 2000). Proceedings, pp. 336 - 345. IEEE Computer Society Press, 2000.
RsdEditor is a graphical user interface which produces specifications of computational resources. It is used in the RSD (Resource and Service Description) environment for specifying, registering, requesting and accessing resources and services in a metacomputer. RsdEditor was designed to be used by the administrators and users of metacomputing environments. At the administrator level, the GUI is used to describe the available computing and networking components of a metacomputer. At the user level RsdEditor can be used to specify which characteristics of the computational resources are needed to execute a meta-application. This paper is organized as follows: Section 1 introduces the RsdEditor. Section 2 briefly describes the RSD environment, and Section 3 highlights various features and implementation issues of the RsdEditor.
Subject Metacomputing
Resource Management
Resource and Service Description
H.5.2 User Interfaces

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