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Della Maggiore R., Mammini U., Baldacci S., Di Pede F., Carrozzi L., Angino A., Viegi G., Petruzzelli S., Luperini M., Barale R. Spatial featuring of epidemiological data of a general population sample living in Central Italy. In: First International Health Geographics Conference (Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 16/10 1998).
An epidemiological survey related to atmospheric pollution was carried out during 1991-1992 on a sample of about 2,800 people. Data were collected by means of standardized questionnaires, gathering information on the individual and his family, with special regard to respiratory aspects. Blood samples were taken at the interview and allergometric tests performed, as well as lung function tests. The data collected during the survey were widely inspected during these years within various disciplinary fields, such as epidemiology, lung disease, immunology, allergy, biochemistry, and cytogenetics. A specific characteristic of the study is the detection of antibodies anti-adducts to DNA of benzopyrene in the sera. A geographical approach is currently being applied. A major goal is to develop a geographical model for air quality, derived from the effects of air pollution on human beings. To begin with we are investigating on relationships between health and the environment, analyzing the distribution of a respiratory symptom like wheeze, and the association between estimates of air pollution and the presence of circulating antibodies against specific DNA adducts due to airborne pollutants
Subject Epidemiological data
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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