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Baier C., Kaoten J., Latella D. Metric semantics for true concurrent real-time. In: Automata, Languages and Programming - ICALP98 (Aalborg, 01/07 1998). Proceedings, pp. 568 - 579. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1443). Springer, 1998.
This paper investigates the use of a complete metric space framework for providing denotational semantics to a real-time process algebra. The study is carried out in a non-interleaving setting and is based on a timed extension of Langerak's bundle event structures, a variant of Winskel's event structures. The distance function is based on the amount of time to which event structures do `agree'. We show that this intuitive notion of distance is a pseudo metric (but not a metric)on the set of timed event structures. A generalisation to equivalence classes of timed event structures in which we abstract from event names and non-executable events (events that can never appear) is shown to be a complete ultra-metric space. We show that the resulting metric semantics is an abstraction of an existing cpo-based denotational and a related operational semantics for the considered language.
Subject F.3.2 Semantics of Programming Languages

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