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Bononi L., Conti M., Donatiello L. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Contention Control (DCC) Mechanism for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks. In: Proceedings of First ACM/IEEE International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Multimedia (WoWMoM'98), Dallas, Texas, 30/10/1998, 1998.
This paper focuses on the design ad the performance evaluation of a new mechanism, named Distributed Contention Control (DCC), for the adaptive reduction of contention in LAN networks that utilize random access MAC protocols. Specifically, we consider the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN). The proposed mechanism could be executed on the top of a pre-existent access scheduling protocol, with no additional overhead introduced. The DCC mechanism requires a simple and rough estimate of any parameter easy to investigate, and directly connected with the amount of contention currently suffered by the shared channel. The main characteristics of the proposed mechanism are represented by its simplicity, integrability, complete distribution, absence of overheads, and adaptiveness. The adaptiveness is given in a fully automatic way, by means of a feedback effect connected to the estimated contention parameter. This contributes to enhance the system stability. Simulation experiments to evaluate the performance of an IEEE 802.11 WLAN, with and without the DCC mechanism, have been carried out. Results confirmed the effectiveness of the DCC mechanism in improving the performance, stability, and congestion reaction of the IEEE 802.11 access scheme.
Subject performance evaluation
Distributed Contention Control (DCC) Mechanism
C.4 Performance of Systems

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