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Celandroni N., Rizzo S. T. Detection of errors recovered by decoders for signal quality estimation on rain-faded AWGN satellite channels. In: Ieee Transactions on Communications, vol. 46 (4) pp. 446 - 449. IEEE, 1998.
AbstractóWe describe a method for estimating satellite link quality for use with rain fade countermeasures. The method applies to convolutionally encoded bit streams. It is based on the measurement of the uncoded data bit-error rate (BER) which is estimated by monitoring the errors recovered by a Viterbi decoder. Using a previously developed attenuation model, the measurement time intervals are optimized for a simple application,and the performance of the estimator is shown.
Subject Rain fade
signal quality
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design
C.2.2 Network Protocols

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