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Brinksma E., Kaoten J., Langerak R., Latella D. Partial order models for quantitative extensions of LOTOS. In: Computer networks and isdn systems, vol. 30 pp. 925 - 950. 1998.
Event structures are a prominent model for non-interleaving concurrency. The use of event structures for providing a compositional non-interleaving semantics to LOTOS without data is studied. In particular, several quantitative extensions of event structures are proposed that incorporate notions like time both of deterministic and stochastic nature and probability. The suitability of these models for giving a non-interleaving semantics to a timed, stochastic and probabilistic extension of LOTOS is investigated. Consistency between the event structure semantics and anevent-based.operational semantics is addressed for the different quantitative variants of LOTOS and is worked out for the timed case in more detail. These consistency results facilitate the coherent use of an interleaving and a non-interleaving semantic view in a single design trajectory and provide a justification for the event structure semantics. As a running example an infinite buffer is used in which gradually timing constraints on latency and rates of accepting and producing data and the probability of loss of messages are incorporated. q1998 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Subject Deterministic time
Event structures
G.3 Probability and statistics
D.2.4 Software/Program Verification

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