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Cignoni P., Montani C., Scopigno R. Multiresolution Representation and Visualization of Volume Data. Technical report, 1997.
A system to represent and visualize scalar volume data at multiple resolution is presented. The system is built on a multiresolution model based on tetrahedral meshes with scattered vertices that can be obtained from any initial dataset. The model is built off-line through data simplification techniques. and stored in a compact data simplification techniques, and stored in a compact data structure that supports fast on-line access. The system supports interactive visualization of a representation at an arbitrary level of resolution through isosurface and projective methods The user can interactively adapt the quality of visualization to requirements of a specific application task, and to the performance of a specific hardware platform. Representations at different resolutions can be used together to enhance further interaction and performance through progressive and multiresolution rendering.
Subject Volume data visualization
Multiresolution representation
Tetrahedral meshes

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