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Palamidese P. A Study for the user staging model of CATS. Internal note CNUCE-B4-97-022, 1997.
This report describes an animation system to design actors'actions, compose them with the other elements of a multimedia scene, and obtain a system of synchronizedevents. We have analysed current staging methodologies used in various fields to find a set of common concepts for defining a general staging model, valid for different kinds of users and different applications. Obtaining a good degree of generality and completeness entailed an iterative work of specification, prototyping, and testing in collaboration withprofessionals in the artistic field. Unlike traditional systems which is the basic framework for describing a performance. Our model applies to each kind of spatial-temporal representation including television, cinema scenes, or events that take place, for example, in town squares. It addresses the needs of multimedia scenes builders who are not computer experts. This includes particularly directors, artists, managers or technicians in the fields of theatre, cinema, or TV, who have to plan and evaluate the spatial and temporal arrangements of actors with other media in a virtual scenario before their practical realization on a real stage.
Subject Human computer animation
Multimedia scenes
Multimedia script
H.5.1 Multimedia Information Systems

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