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Boulanger D. Using deductive data bases for complex applications. A pragmatic study. Internal note CNUCE-B4-96-032, 1996.
The paper is focused on pragmatic (programming) aspects of using deductive databases for complex data intensive applications. This includes a comparative study of applying declarative and non-declarative logic programming styles, their influence on run-time efficiency. Two deductive database systems based on LDL++ and XSB systems are discussed. In particular, the paper is based on experience which has been collected exploiting the deductive database System currently running at CNUCE. It consists of LDL++ , which is usesd as a query processor for the DBMS Sybase and the DBMS Oracle. Also, experiments with the most recent version of the XSB System are presented
Subject logic programming
deductive databases interface with relational DBMS
top-down and bottom-up evaluation
LDL + + and XSB systems
H.2.8 Database Applications

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