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Beltrame R. Sulla descrizione dei sistemi intelligenti. Internal note CNUCE-B4-95-053, 1995.
In the framework of cognitive activity, the qualification of a behavior as being intelligent is the I result of a particular way of considering it; that is, it is a consequence of a particular categorization. At this point the discussion might seem to be closed, because we have an intelligent behavior when we categorize it in this way, and we do not have an Intelligent behavior if we do not categorize It in this way. This kind of assertion is true for any mental activity when we consider it after its occurrencet in fact, after a mental activity is accomplished, we have the mental thing that has that activity as constitutive. However, if we limit ourselves to this approach, then we will bypass the main problem of mental dynamics: to achieve a theory which predicts the mental activity that will occur in certain conditions
Subject sistemi intelligenti

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