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Carboni M. E., Foddai V., Giannotti F., Pedreschi D. Compiling updates in deductive object-oriented databases. Internal note CNUCE-B4-95-049, 1995.
Deductive database languages exhibit an evident Adychotomy in the way they support queries and transactions. Query. answering is based ondeclarative semantics and fixpoint based (bottom-up) evaluation. Transactions are based on procedural semantics and topdown evaluation, as for instance in the logic database language LDL [NT88]. This paper presents a technique t.o compile updates onto standard logic programs to be evaluated with the usual bottom-up evaluation mechanism. The compilation is based on the concept of XY- e stratification [AOZ93, AOTZ93] which is a syntactic property of non-monotonic recursive programs. XY—stratified programs use stage arguments to integrate control on state transition within the deduction process. The proposed compilation is then extended to update on operations on deductive object-oriented databases, by providing natural declarative accounts of object identifiers, classes, ISA hierarchies, multiple inheritance, and dynamic binding
Subject object-oriented databases

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