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Signore O. A Methodology for hypertext design: a case study. In: AHC'94 - IX International Conference of the Association for History and Computing (Nijmegen (The Netherlands),, August 30-September 2 1994). Proceedings, pp. 280 - 289. Uitgeverij Verloren, Onno Boonstra Geurt Collenteur and Bart van Elderen (eds.). 1995.
The links between the nodes constitute one of the most significant aspects of the hypertext, and very much contribute to the support of their dynamic interaction paradigm, so relevant to the implementation of effective applications. In this paper we firstly recall the characteristics of the hypertext, pointing out some of the main problems the hypertext applications' designer must face. Afterwards, we outline a hypertext design methodology that leads to a consistent design of the nodes' structure, and allows modelling the different kind of links that can exist among the nodes. In particular, introducing the "concept space" allows an effective modelling of the intensional links. Finally, we discuss some general implementation aspects, and point out the need of offering to the user multiple and interchangeable interaction paradigms.
Subject hypertext
User interface
H.5.4 Hypertext/Hypermedia. Architectures. Navigation

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