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Celandroni N., Ferro E., Potort́ F., Bellini A., Pirri F. Practical experiences in interconnecting LANs via satellite. In: Computer Communication Review, vol. 25 (5) pp. 56 - 68. ACM, 1995.
We present an experiment in interconnecting LANs via a satellite link and describe the individual components involved in the experiment. The project was developed in two phases: a) design and reulisation of a satellite access scheme that supports real-time and non real-time traffic with a signal fading countermeasure. called FODA/rBEA-TDMA I: b) interconnection of LANs where real-time and non real-time applications run. The experiment was presented the first time in June 1994 as a demo in which the Eutelsat satellite was used (in the 12114 CHz band) to exchange data between two LANs in Pisa and Florence. while video and audio applications runninz on pes connected the two sites. The demo was repeated a few weeks later and the Intelsat satellite was used in the 20nO CHz band.
Subject Satellite
Fade counterrnea
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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