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Beltrame R. A performance comparison between VM-CMS main-frame and SPI. APL2 implementation of linear algebra problems. Internal note CNUCE-B4-94-032, 1994.
In the next months our computer service shall migrate from the main-frame IBM to the IBM SP1. A further migration from SP1 to SPZ was planned for the spring 1995. We present here a brief comparison of the performance of the two systerns, main-frame, and SP1. We choos for this aim two problems of linear algebra: the matrix product, and the solution of a system of linear equations. In this way we hope that our users can have a first idea of the expected performance after the rnigration. The performance of SP1 has a certain interest, because the RISC 6000 that compose this architecture have a very common configuration. Hence the data can be useful for single workstations. The comparison was made by using the APL2 implementation of the tools to solve some linear algebra problems, because they are implemented as primitive or plugged functions. APL2 has usually a good implementation of the linear algebra, furthermore it is a good candidate for quickly prototyping the solution of many numerical problems. Nevertheless we did not repeat the test to evaluate the average value of the times and the variance of thi distribution sample, because we are not doing a real performance evaluation. The small times we report here for completeness sake, have thus a low signifkance
Subject VM-CMS main-frame
linear algebra

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