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Celandroni N. Linear analysis of the transient for a datagram demand assignmentsatellite access scheme in TDMA. Internal note CNUCE-B4-94-029, 1994.
A modified version of the datagram capacity assignment of the FODA access scheme, named FODA/IBEA, is briefly presented. The main difference from the previous version (besides the fade countermeasure feature) is the possibility of the System to migrate, depending on the overall loading conditions, from a sort of fixed TDMA (called pre-assigned mode), in which each active station shares the spare capacity with all the others, to a more complex mechanism. The response of the System to a step of traffic at one of the active stations is studied, and the analytic expressions of the most significant variables are derived. The results of the analysis are first compared with the experimental ones and then used to show the sensitivity of the system's behaviour with respect to some parameters. The possibility of adopting the capacity allocation algorithm in a distributed mode is also discussed
Subject TDMA

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