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Magnarapa C., Masserotti M. V., Mazzotta S., Mogorovich P. Integrazione di metodologie GIS e multimediali il caso di un sistema informativo per il turismo. Internal note CNUCE-B4-92-009, 1992.
In most cases GISs are concerned with heterogeneous data and, in addition, frequently data with a different level of detail are managed. In this case a rigorous GIS data model must be applied both to low and high detail sets; the former in general really needs such a model, the latter doesn't. The reason is that low detail data often need complex processing while high detail data need less complex processing, or are just used as an attached visual document. It should be possible to mix data whith different levels of structural complexity, depending on the operation to be performed and the nature of the data. This avoids unnecessary complexity in archive setup and update and leads to an overall less expensive project. Merging multimedia technology with GIS technology may be an effective solution. This approach is verified on an information System for Tourist applications. Very different kinds of data are present: low scale data concerning roads, which are used to define optimum routes according to specific user needs, maps of town used to point out specific touristic objects and to retrieve alphanumeric data, texts, numeric and analog images, sequences and film. Optimum route identification and navigation in a touristic object documentation may be performed using data stored with the most appropriate technology. The result is an effective and flexible system, easy to use and to implement with new functions.
Subject GIS

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