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Celandroni N., Ferro E., James N., Potort́ F. Design and implementation of a flexible, software based TDMA system. In: Communications society reprint (New York, 6-9 Dicember 1992). Proceedings, pp. 693 - 699. IEEE, 1992.
A flexible processor based, TDMA station has been implemented. This station and Its associated variable data rate modem enables users to implement very complex frame structures under software control Burst rates of 512 Kbit/s - 8.192 Mbit/s are possible allowing the transmitted bit energy from each station. In the network to be adapted to prevariing conditions. One proposed application of the station is the transmission of mixed stream and packet traffic using a modification of the FODA [5] technique.
Subject TDMA Satellite access scheme
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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