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Signore O., Loffredo M. Some issues on object-oriented re-engineering. In: Ercim '92 - ERCIM Workshop on Methods and Tools for Software Reuse (Heraklion, Crete, Greece, October 29-30 1992). Proceedings, pp. 243 - 265. 1992.
Software re-engineering and object orientation are two areas of growing interest in the last years. However, while many researchers have focused their interest in the object-oriented design methodologies, a little attention has been paid to the re-engineering towards an object-oriented environment. In this paper, after a brief discussion of the re-engineering issues, we examine the motivations towards object-oriented re-engineering (extendibility, robustness and reusability of the code) and the related problems, related to the difficulty of moving from a process-based to an object oriented perspective. Finally, we describe a general framework for the implementation of an object-oriented re-engineering tool.
Subject Software re-engineering
Program slicing
H.2.4 Object-oriented databases

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