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Celandroni N., Ferro E., James N., Potort́ F. Foda/ibea TDMA: a flexible fade countermeasure system for integrated services in user-oriented networks. In: International Journal of Satellite Communications, vol. 10 (6) pp. 309 - 323. Wiley, 1992.
A flexible, processor based, TDMA station has been implemented. This station. and its associated variable data fate modem enables users to implement very complex frame structures under software control. Burst rates of 512 kb/s-B'I92 Mb/s and different coding rates are possible allowing the transmitted bit energy from each station in the network to be adapted to prevailing conditions. The proposed application of the station is the transmission of mixed stream andpacket traffic, in a.LANs interconnection via satellite environment, using a modificationofthe FODA1 technique. The association of the up-link power control feature with the bit and coding rate variation gives the system an interesting ability to cope with fade conditions. The link outage probability is investigated for the Olympus transponder in K, band. The ability of the system. together with the good performance of Olympus, shows that the K, band is usable for the above mentioned types of networks without prohibitive fade degradation. at least for limited coverages,
Subject IDMA controller
Variable bit fate modem
Fade countermeasure
Outage Multiple access
Satellite network
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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