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Delen E., Giordano S., Romano G. A., Vannozzi D. ASTRA/LISTSERV Database system LSVBEAR DRIVER: installation and reference. Internal note CNUCE-Manuali-227-1991, 1991.
EARN documents are the most important documents ofthe EARN network. These documents, in brief, are the minutes of the meetings, the proposals or the official papers. Until now these documents were managed on a LISTSERV. The access to these databases were only by sending commands to the re1ated LISTSERV. Now the ASTRA Group has developed a common interface and a driver to access these documents via ASTRA. In this booklet, we describe the driver to access the EARN documents via ASTRA. Both the user guide to the driver and the technical description and specification of the driver are included in the booklet. For more detailed information or for further questions, please consult the ASTRA Group (ASTRA@ICNUCEVM).
Subject ASTRA/LISTSERV Database
LSVBEAR DRIVER: installation and reference

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