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Latella D., Quaglia P. A proposal for a calculus of probabilistic processes. Internal note CNUCE-B4-91-027, 1991.
In this paper we propose a probabilistic extension of a non interleaving; fully parallel semantics for basic LOTOS. Such a semantics is somehow in between Milner's SCCS and ASCCS in fact independent actions are performed simultaneously, whereas synchronization is achieved by means of delay. On the other hand the specifier is not forced to explicitily insert 'idle' actions in the specification in order to make processes synchronize. Also delay is controlled in the sense that no process can delay an action if the environment allows that action to be performed. As far as the probabilistic extension is concerned the non-deterministic choice and disabling operators of the calculus are replaced by probabilistic ones, in which the probability of behaving like a particular process is given explicitly. The operational semantics we present is based on the notion of probabilistic derivation and is given as a set of axioms and inference rules. Moreover we provide an equivalence relation of a probabilistic bisimulation which is an extension of the notion introduced by Larsen and Skou.
Subject Probabilistic processes

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