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Celandroni N., Ferro E., Potort́ F. A tool for the performance evaluation of a communication system. Internal note CNUCE-B4-91-015, 1991.
A system is presented that generates traffie on a eommunieation medium (LAN/MAN/WAN). The generated traffie simulates the traffie produeed by a number of both synehronous and asynehronous applieations. The system, calied Multimedia Traffie Generator (MTG), allows the study of the real-time problems relevant to the eommunieation networks. Data generated by MTG are equivalent to data generated by real applieations spread over a network intereonneeted to a Communieation System Under Test (CSUT). CSUT ean be as generai as possible, even if the originai idea of designing the MTG arose from the need to test a eomplex satellite aeeess seheme. The MTG system ls described, its performance is shown and a partlcular appllcatlon is presented.
Subject Communication system

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