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Campari I., Pozzana G. Integration of gis methodologies and environmental impact assesseent procedures. Conceptual and operative issues for a real case. Internal note CNUCE-B4-91-005, 1991.
The Environmental Impact Assessment could become one of the fields in which the small scale performances of GIS tools will be tested. In this paper a research project concerning the integration of some EIA procedures and GIS methodology will be presented. The interdisciplinary research project has the following scientific and functional purposes: a) fulfilment of conceptual tools and analitic—descriptive methods for evaluating the environmental impact due to insert of a new transport infrastructure in a complex area (Pisa province: Tuscany, Italy); special interest is due to socio-economical components; b) application of interdisciplinary analysis and methodologies to a real case study for using EIA procedures for forecasting; that is to say as a ex ante planning tool; c) evaluation of operative chances offered by permanent information bases realized through GIS; d) making available for Public administration a useful tool for decision support dealing with the land management. The research project covers both the theoretical and applicative issues of those topics. The theoretical aspect is dedicated to suitable methodology fulfilment for defining both the variables to be examined and the specific criteria for their evaluation. The applicative aspects have been focussed for verifying the tools performance, via real case study consideration. In this paper the conceptual and methodological issues will be stressed.
Subject GIS

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