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Bronzini E., Campari I., Magnarapa C., Mazzotta S., Paterṇ F., Scopigno R. NETGIS documentazione di sistema. Internal note CNUCE-B4-91-003, 1991.
This work presents NetGIS, an environment to specify, analyze and execute visual programs for Geographical Information Systems. The lack of a sophisticated user interface is one of the major drawbacks to Gegraphical Information Systems (GIS), particularly for people without a Sound background in computer science. The use of a visual language approach in proposed here to hide the plethora of basic GIS functions while providing ready-to—use tools to solve user’s sub-tasks. NetGIS is based on the module concept, conceived as a software building block that impllements a solution to a general subtask and is presented to the user through a structured icon. Complex GIS queries or tasks can be carried out by interconnecting module into flow networks, using a direct manipulation approach
Subject NETGIS

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