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Anastasi G., Conti M., Gregori E. A transport protocol for real time services on a packet switching network. Internal Report. Internal note CNUCE-B4-91-001, 1991.
Originally network users required only a reliable transportation service but they have no other requirements. On the contrary, new applications may require some other performances such as an upper bound in delay and/or in delay variability, a packet loss rate not greater than a certain threshold, a minimum guarantied throughput and others. Therefore the need of a transportation system able to provide a service with a ` (A 5 guarantied Quality of Service (QoS) is felt. In this paper a Transport Protocol for Real time services (TPR) is presented. It can be used to enhance the QoS of a packet switched network which provide some particular guaranties. The resultant transportation system is able to meet the needs of users with temporal constraints such as digitized video and voice, alarm messages and so on.
Subject transport protocol
switching network

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