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Celandroni N., Ferro E. The FODA-TDMA satellite access scheme: presentation, study of the system, and results. In: IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 39 (12) pp. 1823 - 1831. IEEE JNL, 1991.
description is given of FODA-TDMA, a satellite access scheme designed for mixed traffic (patent N. 9373A/89). The study of the system is presented and the choice of some parameters is justified. A simplified analytic solution is found, describing the steady-state behavior of the system. Some results of the simulation tests carried on for an already existing hardware environment are also presented for the channel speeds of 2 and 8 Mb/s, considering both the stationary and the transient cases. The results of the experimentation at 2 Mb/s on the satellite EUTELSAT-F2 are also presented and compared to the results of the simulation.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/26/3432/00120168.pdf?tp=&arnumber=120168&isnumber=3432
Subject TDMA
Satellite access scheme
Multiple access
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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