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Abba L., Romano G. A., Trumpy S., Vannozzi D. Supplying information contained in databases distributed over EARN Network: the ASTRA Service. Internal note, 1990.
Only in recent years the network services became really reliable; as a consequence the users are more content and demande more services. Accessing databases available in the hosts connected to the network is one of the more requested services especially by the new users. Two years ago IBM and CNUCE, Institute of CNR (National Research Council in ItaIy), started a joint project having the folIowing scope: to realize a user interface to allow EARN network users to inquiry different database using a simple and unique query language; to set up a logical network of servers where the databases are residing and maintained; to organize a service based on a directory of databases, connected to the ASTRA system, residing in a number of different servers; the service is able to dispatch over the network the stack of inquiries of the user and the results of the inquiries. The ASTRA service is now operative; although still in developping phase. The presentation will describe the status of the service and the envisaged deve1opments. Some general consideraction will be given on the usage of the network as an information service to the research community and on the requirements that this class of services imposed to the data convejance infrastructure.
Subject Astra
H.3.5 Online Information Services
H.5.2 User Interfaces
H.2 Database Management

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