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Latella D. LOCUS MIRANDUM a functional environment for the implementation of view functions for lotos. Internal note CNUCE-B4-90-012, 1990.
In the context of LOTOS to LOTOS transformations there aspects ofspecifications which are useful for the definition of transformations, but which are not captured directly b y the LOTOS standard semantics even if they can be derived from it. Examples of such aspects are the set of gates of a specification at which observable events may occur, or the set of sorts of the values which can be exchanged thought given gate. Many of such aspects, also called views , can be effectively defined withini the denotational framework by means of the definition of suitable interpretation domains and functions from LOTOS syntax to them. There are other views which are not computable, for which suitable, computable ’approximations can be defined. Also, in many cases the interpretationdo main is finite, so that the complete view can be computed. In the present repeort the approach is first outlined and then applied to LOTOS. A prototype implementation of LOTOS MIRANDUM, an environment for the computation of views based on the functional language Miranda is also described
Subject functional environment

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