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Signore O., Ceccanti V. An hypertext on heraldry. In: AHC'90 - 5e Congrès International de (Montellier, France, 4-7 Settembre 1990). Proceedings, pp. 501 - 509. J. Smets, (eds.). 1990.
It is not possible, through the heraldic encyclopedias, to find out the name of a family starting from the graphic characteristics of the arm, and, furthermore, the heraldic information is strictly linked to other information weakly structured, therefore it is difficult to deal with this kind of data by using conventional instruments such as DBMSs and the Information Retrieval Systems. Starting from an heraldic encyclopedia as base, an hypertext has been set up, where some devices to stimulate the participation of the final user and to avoid the arising of the typical problems of this kind of systems, have been adopted. The existence of an exact heraldic grammar makes a classification of the arms possible, but its utilization is not very easy for not skilful users and it makes the user interface particularly critical. The indexing of information and the development of mechanisms for the retrieval and the return of information represent some further particularly delicate aspects, to which it will be necessary to give special attention in the future.
Subject Hypertext
H.5.4 Hypertext/Hypermedia. Architectures. Navigation

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