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Celandroni N., Ferro E. FODA - TDMA satellite access scheme: description, implementation and environment simulation. Internal note CNUCE-B4-87-017, 1987.
A Fifo Ordered Demand Assignment-TDMA (FODA) satellite access scheme is briefly presented and few notes about the current implementation are given. The scheme is designed to handle together packetized data, voice and immages traffic in a multiple access satellite broadcast channel of Mbits band. The channel is shared by as many as 64 simultaneously active earth stations capable to optimally share the channel capacity and also to multiplex the different traffic types, incoming from satellite users attached to Local Area Networks (LANs), taking into account their different requi rements in terms of qua lity of service. As the system needs to be tested in a sophisticated user environment, the performance extimation has been carried on in a double way. The simulation of the whole system at 2 and 8 Mbit/sec produced an exa ustive set of results and few of the most siqnificative are here presented. A measurement system has been tuned up, using a suitable traffic generator, simulating the incoming of real data from users connected to the LAN and whishing to send data via satellite. The comparison between the results of the simulation and the measurement tests has been ma de possible

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