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Bondavalli A., De Francesco N., Latella D., Vaglini G. A Methodology for specifyng shared abstract data types. Internal note CNUCE-B4-87-008, 1987.
In this draft paper a technique for specifying shared abstract data types is proposed. After a review of traditional transaction management techniques, the approach given by Spector [Spector84] is discussed. Starting from such approach, we present the outlines of a different, homogeneous, style of shared abstract data types definition, able to express ali the semantic knowledge needed to avoid the unnecessary constraints on concurrency usually imposed by traditional transaction management approaches. Doing so, it is possible to obtain the massimum level of parallelism admitted by the notion of consistency on data. Our approach allows both the abstract data types and concurrency constraints to be defined using the same technique, which is the well known algebraic method
Subject data types

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