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Lucchesi M., Podio Guidugli P. Materials with Elastic Range and the Possibility of Stress oscillations in Pure Shear. Internal note CNUCE-B4-87-004, 1987.
the framework of a general theory of materials with elastic range [6] is used to show that, for an isotropic material undergoing a process in which the difference (D - DP) between the total and the plastic rate of derformation is uniformly small, the incremental constitutive equation features an isotropic dependence of the Jaumann derivative, of the Cauchy stress T on (D - DP). thus, it is argued that stress oscillations in pure shear should be seen as a (not desired) consequence of the choice made for the hardening rule rather than, as was also conjectured, of the choice made for the invariant time derivative of T to appear in the constitutive equation
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