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Bianchi Bandinelli R., Ferrini R., Laforenza D., Lazzareschi P., Moia R. Relazione e documentazione benchmark IBM 3090/200 VF. Internal note /cnr.cnuce/1987-B4-037, 1986.
The information contained in this report is relevant only to the tests described herein and should not be used as a basis for total system projection of the performance of the products tested. The information contained in this document is for use of CNR-CNUCE (Pisa) and IBM only and is covered by a non-disclosure agreement whereby CNR-CNUCE may not disseminate this information in any way until 30 days after generai availability of the hardware tested (i.e. approximately July 1986) . The information contained in this report is based on results obtained from utilizing preliminary versions of software products and the performance of the final released products may not necessarily be identical
Subject IBM 3090/200

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