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Ajmone M., Beltrame R. A simulation study of the transmission of analog voice messages and data packets on a single broadcast channel. Internal note CNUCE-B4-83-029, 1983.
This report describs simultion program that was jointly developed by CNUCE and Politocnico di Torino for the study of the behaviour of a broadcast channel on which data packets and analog voive messages are trasmitted following a CSMA-type multiple access protocol. The program is witten in Simula 67, and runs on both a DEC-10 and IBM 370 mainframes. The simulation was performed in the frame of Progetto Finalizzato Aiuti alla Navigazione e Controllo del Traffico Aereo, in order to study how to implement a data link in aeronautical broadcas channels. Some simulation results on the performance of an airplane traffic control system that employs a packet switched data link using the same broadcast channel already avaible for analog voice transmissions are presented
Subject single broadcast channel

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