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Faconti G., Palamidese P., Santoro A. Utilizzo di un software grafico standard in applicazioni per l'analisi della missione di satelliti. Internal note CNUCE-B4-82-005, 1982.
This paper describes a graphics application which used within a more general system for the mission analysis of spacecrafts , It consists of an interactive program to represent the view the earth seen from a satellite at any altitude, latitude and longitude and to draw maps of the earth with informations on satellite orbits. The paper describes the main characteristics of the application and underlines the usability of a CORE system to held graphics features. The implementation has been made under VSAPL for CMS running on an IBM 3033. The graphics output device supported is the IBM 3277 Graphics Attachment equipped with a Tektronix 619 Storage Display Monitor
Subject Satellite

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