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Faconti G., Palamidese P. Practicing on the Core Graphics System. Internal note CNUCE-B4-82-002, 1982.
The system described in this paper is intended to be of assistence to those people who would benefit in their works from computer graphics but do not have the necessary knoWledge or familiarity with its methodological principles. This system consist of an APL implementation of the CORE Graphies System and of a user interface giving the opportunity of learning and practicing on the CORE concepts. The system is nighly interactive, being ready to give expinations to tue usar at any time, and to teach him the use of the System. The implementation has been made under VSAPL for CSM running on an IBM 3033. The graphics output device apported is the IBM 3277 Graphics Attachment equipped with a Tektronix o19 Storage Tube and a Summagraphics ID tablet.
Subject Graphics System

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