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Capriz G., Podio Guidugli P. Materials with finite-dimensional structure. Internal note CNUCE-B4-80-006, 1980.
A proposal of Green and Rivlin, 1968, regarding continua with lagran gian microstructure is resumed, and the question (left largely open by them) of the admissible rigid virtual velocities is examined in detail. To put the fundamental issues in clear relief, these matters are first discussed within the very simple scheme of discrete system of mass-points. The transition to the continuum scheme is then performed, focusing on the interplay between micro- and macroeffects and stating general balance equations (for related developments, vid. Toupin, 1960 and 1964). Finally, the theory is illustrated by examples, such as, ,continua with Ibubbles, liquid crystals and continua with affine structure.
Subject Finite-dimensional structure

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