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Faconti G. FLYGHT DYNAMICS SYSTEM (FDS) Installation Reference Material and Operating Guide. Internal note CNUCE-Manuali-139-1977, 1977.
The Flignt Dynamics System is a set of programs designed to be used for the control of the SIRIO mission during its geostationary phase. This publication describes how to install FDS and how to perform various system management functions. It is intended for those who have responsibility for theses functions. The reader ls assumed to have knowledge of FDS, of the Conversational Monitor System (CMS), which runs under VM/370, of OS/VS2 (MVS) and of RSCS as they are implemented at the CNUCE Computing Center. Major division of the publication "Introduction" gives an overviw of the FDS "FDS distribution volume" describes the contents and format of the FDS distribution volume "Installing FDS" explains how to install FDS "Storage Reuirements" presents virtual storage and auxiliary storage for FDS " FDS overall design" gives an overview of the system design and lists the Items contained in each component of FDS.
Subject FLYGHT DYNAMICS SYSTEM (FDS) Installation Reference Material

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