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Verniti V., Mangiaracina S., Cancedda F. SAIISA: a project for semi-automatic assignment of ISSN codes to Italian serials. In: ISSN - 36th ISSN Meeting of Directors (Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, 3-7 October 2011).
SAIISA is a project designed with the aim of assigning ISSN codes to Italian serials included in the Italian Serials Catalogue, ACNP, using semiautomatic procedures developed at the ISSN International Centre (IC). The ACNP Catalogue contains about 34,000 Italian serials lacking ISSN codes (about 65% of all Italian serials). This lack of information causes several problems in the case of automatic uploads of the records from library catalogues and also reduces the international visibility of Italian Serials literature. In order to fill this gap, the University of Bologna, the technical manager of the ACNP catalogue, the National Research Council (CNR), where the ISSN national centre is located, and the ISSN International Centre (IC), have agreed to start the SAIISA project before the end of the year. The main features of the project have already been defined; feasibility tests have been conducted and a pilot test is currently underway to estimate the complexity and duration of the project. The benefits of the project are clear for all participants, and especially for Italy: in fact, it will increase the international visibility of Italian Serials literature, due to their diffusion through the ISSN register; it will increase the circulation of Italian scientific serials and their availability for resource sharing, due to a more reliable identification and localization in the ACNP catalogue; it will allow correct identification and appropriate evaluation of scientific publications. Consequently the substantial increase in ISSN-coded Italian Serials would be particularly useful for the scientific community which has to supply verified documentation of its publishing activity for evaluation. Benefits for the ISSN Network will be an increase in the number of ISSN coded serials (global improvement of the coverage of the ISSN database), and a decrease in unchecked 'Legacy records'. New technical solutions developed in this project for matching and selecting titles can then be adopted for retrospective conversion of all the serials without ISSN codes, in other catalogues both in Italy and in other countries.
URL: http://www.issn.org/files/issn/meetings/dir/2011/NC-2011-item-14-ISSN-and-ACNP-36.13.pdf
Subject ISSN, ACNP, Union Catalogue

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