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EU-H2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL - Improving future ecosystem benefit through earth observations

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Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2015-A0-001 Estimation of the Land Surface Albedo changes in the Broader Mediterranean Area, based on 12 years of satellite observations
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-001 Geomorphic controls on elevational gradients of species richness
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-002 Decreasing Fires in Mediterranean Europe
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-003 Earth observation for maritime spatial planning: Measuring, observing and modeling marine environment to assess potential aquaculture sites
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-004 Crowdsourcing: It matters who the crowd are. The impacts of between group variations in recording land cover
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-005 Definition and application of expert knowledge on vegetation pattern, phenology, and seasonality for habitat mapping, as exemplified in a Mediterranean coastal site
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-006 Long-Term monitoring of the flooding regime and hydroperiod of Doņana Marshes with Landsat Time Series (1974-2014)
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-007 Towards operational detection of forest ecosystem changes in protected areas
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-008 Effect of protection level in the hydroperiod of water bodies on Doņana's Aeolian sands
Icona documentoIcona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-009 A comprehensive open package format for preservation and distribution of geospatial data and metadata
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-010 Hyperspectral sensors as a management tool to prevent the invasion of the exotic cordgrass Spartina densiflora in the Doņana wetlands
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-011 On the dynamics of a generalized predator-prey system with Z-type control.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A0-012 National Ecosystem Assessments in Europe: A Review
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2016-A1-001 Lake La Salada de Chiprana (NE Spain), an example of an Athalassic Salt Lake in a cultural landscape
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-001 Multi-modal knowledge base generation from very high resolution satellite imagery for habitat mapping
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-002 Plant invasion and speciation along elevational gradients on the oceanic island La Palma, Canary Islands
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-003 Developing spatially and thematically detailed backdated maps for land cover studies
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-004 Creating a safe operating space for wetlands in a changing climate
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-005 On the key role of droughts in the dynamics of summer fires in Mediterranean Europe.
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-006 Climate impacts on global hot spots of marine biodiversity.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-007 Estimating invasion success by non-native trees in a National Park combining world view-2 very high resolution satellite data and species distribution models
Icona documentoIcona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-008 Vulnerability of European freshwater catchments to climate change
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-009 Modeling biomass production in seasonal wetlands using MODIS NDVI land surface phenology
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-010 Comparing pixel and object based approaches to map an understorey invasive shrub in tropical mixed forests.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-011 Priorities to advance monitoring of ecosystem services using earth observation trends in ecology and evolution.
Icona documentoIcona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-012 An island view of endemic rarity-Environmental drivers and consequences for nature conservation
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-013 Historic nitrogen deposition determines future climate change effects on nitrogen retention in temperate forests
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-014 Local- and Plot-Scale Measurements of Soil Moisture: Time and Spatially Resolved Field Techniques in Plain, Hill and Mountain Sites.
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-015 Factors affecting forest dynamics in the Iberian Peninsula from 1987 to 2012. The role of topography and drought.
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-016 Snow water equivalent in the Alps as seen by gridded data sets, CMIP5 and CORDEX climate models
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-017 Citizen science for assessing ecosystem services: Status, challenges and opportunities
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-018 Implications of sensor design for coral reef detection: Upscaling ground hyperspectral imagery in spacial and spectral scales
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-019 Linear multi-task learning for predicting soil properties using field spectroscopy
Icona documentoIcona documentoIcona documentoIcona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-020 Positive symplectic integrators for predator-prey dynamics
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-021 Response of land surface phenology to variation in tree cover during green-up and senescence periods in the semi-arid savanna of Southern Africa
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-023 r.pi: A grass GIS package for semi-automatic spatial pattern analysis of remotely sensed land cover data.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-024 Ecosystem services in European protected areas: Ambiguity in the views of scientists and managers?.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-025 A view-based model of data-cube to support big earth data systems interoperability
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-026 Sea ice phenology and primary productivity pulses shape breeding success in Arctic seabirds
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A0-028 Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 and MODIS C5 & C6 fAPAR Products in a Deciduous Beech Forest Site in Italy
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A1-001 Changes in tropical forest: assessing different detection techniques
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A1-002 Remote sensing in the reflective spectrum: - A powerful and applied technology for terrestrial ecosystem science
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A1-003 Comprehensive and coordinated approach of GEOSS to ecosystem challenges.
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2017-A2-001 On the interest of the spectral bands in the automatic selection of high quality MODIS data through spatial pattern identification.
Icona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2018-A0-001 The effect of microbial activity on soil water diffusivity
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2018-A0-002 River networks as ecological corridors: A coherent ecohydrological perspective
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2018-A0-003 Assessment of climate change effects on mountain ecosystems through a cross-site analysis in the Alps and Apennines
Icona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2018-A0-004 Are optical indices good proxies of seasonal changes in carbon fluxes and stress-related physiological status in a beech forest?
Icona documentoIcona documentoIcona documentoIcona documentoIcona documentoIcona documento ECOPOTENTIAL/2018-A0-005 How will climate change affect endangered Mediterranean waterbirds?


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