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TitoloKYOTO: A Wiki for Establishing Semantic Interoperability for Knowledge Sharing Across Languages and Cultures

Autori Marchetti A., Ronzano F., Tesconi M., Vossen P., Agirre E., Bond F., Bosma W., Herold A., Hicks A., Hsieh S., Isahara H., Huang C., Kanzaki K., Rigau G., Segers R.

In Handbook of Research on Culturally-Aware Information Technology: Perspectives and Models. pp. 265 - 294. Dr. E. Blanchard (Mc Gill University, Canada) (eds.). Canada: Dr. D. Allard (Dalhousie University), 2010.

DOI 10.4018/978-1-61520-883-8.ch012

KYOTO is an Asian-European project developing a community platform for modeling knowledge and finding facts across languages and cultures. The platform operates as a Wiki system that multilingual and multi-cultural communities can use to agree on the meaning of terms in specific domains. The Wiki is fed with terms that are automatically extracted from documents in different languages. The users can modify these terms and relate them across languages. The system generates complex, language-neutral knowledge structures that remain hidden to the user but that can be used to apply open text mining to text collections. The resulting database of facts will be browse-able and searchable. Knowledge is shared across cultures by modeling the knowledge across languages. The system is developed for 7 languages and applied to the domain of the environment, but it can easily be extended to other languages and domains.

Soggetti Wiki system
multilingual and multi-cultural communities
platform for modeling knowledge

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