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TitoloUser Perspective and Project Evaluation Strategies

Autori Polini A.

The goal of this document is to answer specific requests made by the project reviewers in the first year review report. In particular the consortium reports here the results of the activities put in place in the past few months in order to: . clarify the needs and expectation of the Learn PAd users . clarify the strategies for evaluation of project achievements that will be conducted at the two PAs partners (Marche Region and Unicam). This document is the result of further investigations conducted by the consortium as a whole to address both aims. For both cases, related literature has been scrutinized in detail to derive suggestions from experts. Moreover a questionnaire has been defined and submitted to more than one hundred PA employees in order to gather further requirements from final users. The answers to the questionnaire have been successively analysed to define further interesting indications on different aspects of the Learn PAd platform. In addition the consortium analysed the results of those projects, selected on a complete list of EU projects funded under FP7 or FP6 frameworks in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning, that have been considered the most relevant since focused on aspects more closely related to Learn PAd. It is worth noting that the results reported in this document are in some case only partial, and the consortium intends to reflect further on the collected information in the next months to check if interesting correlation in the answers provided by the employees could lead to the discovery of interesting requirements/needs.

Soggetti Fostering User Engagement
Learn PAd Achievements
Evaluation Strategy
Learn PAd Users Needs
Learn PAd Users Context
Review of Related Work

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