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TitoloA Case Modelling Language for Process Variant Management in Case-based Reasoning

Autori Cognini R., Hinkelmann K., Martin A.

In AdaptiveCM'15 - 4th International Workshop on Adaptive Case Management and other Non-workflow Approaches to BPM (Innsbruck, 31.08. 2015). Proceedings, pp. x - y. (LNBIP). Springer, 2015.

Conventional business process management has been very successful for routine work but has de ciencies in dealing with the exibility of knowledge workers' work, since the tasks are hard to determine and highly dependent on the current situation. For knowledge workers it is useful to structure the processes just in part as process variants, which can be adapted, modi ed and even newly created at runtime by them. This paper describes an application of a case-based reasoning approach and introduces a process variant modelling language that supports the manual generation and re nement of generalized process variants. This approach is demonstrated in a public administration scenario.

Soggetti Case Modeling
Modeling Language
Process Flexibility
Knowledge Work
Case-Based Reasoning
Adaptive Case Management

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