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TitoloSemantic Business Process Representation to Enhance the Degree of BPM Mechanization with an Ontology

Autori Fanesi D., Cacciagrano D. R., Hinkelmann K.

In ES 2015 - Third International Conference on Enterprise Systems (Basel, 14.10. - 15.10 2015). Proceedings, pp. 21 - 32. IEEE Computer Society Publications, 2015.

Business process management is still characterized by a low degree of mechanization. One of the main causes is a lack of an appropriate semantic representation for business process models and execution data unified in a single ontology. Many researchers addressed this problem but the ontologies proposed so far define a proprietary property called occurrenceOf to link a process model to its execution data. In this paper we we propose an alternative approach based on a multilayer representation using an is-a relation instead. This is cognitively more adequate and allows to use standard reasoning mechanisms. We show how OWL-FA enables a semantic representation of the metamodel in an ontology, providing decidable reasoners. We present a case study and we address the semantic issue with a detailed analysis. We show how it is possible to answer some queries with the support of this ontology, demonstrating how our ontology can be a suitable tool to enhance the mechanization of business process management.

Soggetti Semantic Business Process Management
Business Process Ontology

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